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Seth Rogen on Superbad

Published August 15, 2007 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Columbia Pictures.
Seth Rogen Seth Rogen
It’s pretty convenient that Seth Rogen had a script ready to go so shortly after Knocked Up that Superbad can come out the same summer. He and Evan Goldberg wrote their script when they were 13-years-old. Of course, they did a polish now that they’re grown-ups.

Seth Rogen's Superbad

“The general idea was always in there,” said Rogen. “Two guys trying to buy alcohol to impress girls. Third guy gets the fake ID with McLovin on it, goes off with the cops. That was always the same. The real evolution was the relationship between the guys. I think in our first draft, a lot of criticism we heard was that the characters were very much alike, Seth and Evan. We're kind of similar, it's not like we're totally different guys. So we really had a hard time wrapping our heads around how do we make another guy? But slowly we kind of developed, with a lot of help and advice from Judd [Apatow], that's where that came from. We developed the relationship and kind of emotional story between the guys.”

ince the lead characters were named after the writers, the boys just named everyone after their friends. Now that it was a go picture, they had to get releases. “I think that was a good indication that we maintained good relationships with everyone we went to high school with. Pretty much everyone signed the release and we knew all of them still. A few bastards didn't but they've known since high school that we were writing this movie. We told everyone. All the names, we told people, ‘Hey, we used your name in our movie.’ It was really weird when we were finally 10 years later like, ‘It's actually happening.’ But everyone seems psyched. 30 of our friends are coming to the premiere from Vancouver so yeah, yeah. That'll be fun.”

Ideas like cops taking McLovin on an adventure and calamities at a strange party were inspired by actual events. “Actual experiences, yeah, we tried to get liquor a lot. The period blood thing actually happened. The idea was always cops would always take our beer and shit when we were in high school. The joke was always, ‘I bet they take our beer and they go drink it in the parking lot afterwards.’ Then we just kind of thought, ‘What if they do? That'd be funny to watch.’”

The names of all the alcohol in the film had to be made up though. “There was a guy. Actually the guy who plays the bartender at Bailey's is the guy who's charged with [the task] I mean, every bottle of alcohol you see in the movie is fake. And in the liquor store, there's literally thousands of fake bottles of alcohol because no actual alcohol would clear their name for usage. There was Papsmear gin. That was the one that really made us laugh. And there was Trotsky's Vodka with a picture of Trotsky on it. Like Binyan's beer. Old Muskogee. Yeah, it was the guy, I honestly can't remember his name. Dr. Label or something, I can't remember, but the guy who plays the bartender.”

With a blockbuster film already in the can months ago and his own creative vehicle coming out, Seth Rogen is still the same old guy from before. “I mean, career wise it's made everything go much more smoothly I would say but my actual day to day life, maybe four people ask to take pictures with me every day. That occupies maybe two and a half minutes. So I don't consider that life changing really. Two minute changing. But no, nothing's really changed. It hasn't affected my Halo score.”

Superbad opens to theaters on August 17th.

For trailer, stills, synopsis and more movie info, go to the Superbad Movie Page.
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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Columbia Pictures.

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