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Owen Wilson Hospitalized

Published August 27, 2007 in Casting Update
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of WireImage.
Owen Wilson Owen Wilson
Back in high school bad news struck at lunch when just about every radio station announced that Chris Farley had passed away from prolonged drug abuse. Shocking and sad. How can somebody be that funny, that successful and that wealthy let go of life? There is a trend here.

Richard Jeni, one of my favorite comedians, took his own life with a handgun only months after I saw him live at the Improv. He was not only hilarious, but considered one of the top fifty comedians. Had everything, right?

And here we go again.

Though it has not been confirmed it has been suggested that Owen Wilson might of attempted suicide yesterday and is now being hospitalized to undergo detoxification.

Owen Wilson Suicide Watch

'Detoxification' can mean a lot of things. Either Owen Wilson was fiddling around with drugs and went too far, or he blatantly tried to take that last step. Some reports claim that Wilson had slashes on his wrists or he attempted to overdose on pills.

The real story? Nobody's talking, but we are now left to speculate and (so far) it doesn't look good.

If it does turn out that Wilson did in fact try to take his own life, then that is just sad. A star in multiple hit comedies and a notorious ladies man, one has to wonder what can be so bad.

Family and friends including Luke Wilson are at the hospital with Owen. It is unknown on how this event will effect filming for Tropic Thunder.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of WireImage.

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