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Joel Silver on Moonlight

Published August 30, 2007 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of CBS.
Alex O'Loughlin Moonlight Alex O'Loughlin: Star of Moonlight
Joel Silver is known for his big, loud, hardcore movies. On television, he is happy to tone things down. His new show, Moonlight, may be about a vampire detective, but Silver promises fun for the whole family.

Joel Silver on Moonlight

“It’s not going to be a violent show at all,” said Silver. “It’s light. It’s fun. It has some dark edges but it’s really fun. There will be a lot of action in it but it’s not grotesque. It’s a really warm, sweet, funny vampire show.”

Okay, maybe not the WHOLE family. As an experienced producer, Silver began the project without a pilot. He just produced a short teaser for the network, which in turn led to a series commitment.

“CBS wanted to only do a small presentation so we went into this with our eyes wide open, but we didn’t know what we were doing at that time. We were kind of figuring out where we were going. When we got together and we decided that we wanted to do the show, we all sat down and said, ‘What would we do if we were going to do it as a series?’ We never really had a pilot per se, so we had to kind of think about what that pilot would be. It just came about that we had a wonderful group of players.”

Some press who saw the presentation felt that it did work as a pilot, but Silver has higher expectations for himself. “That’s just the magic of good producing. It was really we had a script that we had created and CBS went through with us and we kind of went through some scenes they wanted us to shoot and we just titled it together with great narration that I was able to pull off, and we made it feel as good as we could. It felt good enough to get a nine o‘clock slot on TBS on Friday night but it was just a good idea. But the studio felt and the network felt at that time that we needed to kind of have more of a sense of what the show was. The presentation was just like a presentation. It wasn’t really a full blown developed kind of piece of a show. It was like 26 minutes of stuff put together with a kind of packing tissue. I think it set up what we were doing and I think it showed off Alex.”

Moonlight premieres September 28 on CBS.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of CBS.

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