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Richard T. Jones on The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Published September 10, 2007 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of WireImage.
Richard T. Jones Richard T. Jones
The Sarah Connor Chronicles introduces two new main characters into the Terminator storyline. Summer Glau plays the new protector terminator Cameron, and Richard T. Jones plays an FBI agent on the trail of the Connor clan. Jones is happy to have an original character.

Richard Jones Talks Sarah Connor Chronicles

"What's great about my character, they kind of take my character from like a Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive which is good," said Jones. "That's the concept we're going with so I get to come in and hopefully have a little bit of comic relief. We get to do some fun things with my character so I'm excited."

After the pilot, Jones is still learning about his character. "My character is obsessed with Sarah Connor. Just because I'm moving up in the agency and I'm looking for Sarah because she was one of my cases. Then she continues to elude me so I think it became an obsession to get this and clear this case. He's in the move, on the way up in the FBI agency until these things with Sarah and the child start going haywire. Then they disappear on me."

So far, he has not worked with Lena Heady, Thomas Dekker and Summer Glau, but that's coming. "The pilot, we have none of course but we're going to get there. They're going to get there because I have a feeling I'll mingle with the terminators sooner or later. It's going to be a lot of day players. I'm going to come in after the fact, so I'll see all the damage and I think eventually I start to get it. There's no way this woman and this child are doing all this."

Jones hopes it does not take two long to join the core cast. "I hope episode three because I want to mix it with a little action. It's going to be fun. I'm just excited. I kind of go in, I let the young folk do all the action and then I come in, I got a couple lines and then I go and I get the rewards of a great show."

As the comic relief, Jones makes up a few of his own lines, but he has to be careful not to reference certain pop culture phenomena that do not exist within the world of terminators. "They give me a little range which is fun. They let me put like a little comic element. It's such a hard show and heavy show, we have to lighten it up somewhere. I think my character has that element to do that. I do jokes like oblivious to the whole thing, which is going to be very hard so I got to think very clever. But, it's still 2007, so I have to think of things like it's a regular lifestyle nowadays but just say terminators never happened so I can't really get that."

The funnyman hopes to exert his influence on the original terminator himself. "I'm trying to get Arnold Schwarzenegger. I'm one of those people that I'll call him up and say, 'Hey, Arnold.' I'm the type of guy who will go to a conference meeting and say, 'Excuse me, governor, governor. How about the show Terminator? Will you do a guest spot?' And make him commit on camera."

The Sarah Connor Chronicles premieres in January on Fox.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of WireImage.

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