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Published September 17, 2007 in Movie News
By Fred Topel | Image property respective holders.
Wanted Wanted
They're still getting around to all the classic comic books in Hollywood, but now they're starting to greenlight movies before a series has even begun. Writer/directors Derek Haas and Michael Brandt started Wanted after reading only two issues. So they have the first act, and then they go off on their own.

Wanted Preview

"It's about a kid who is fresh out of college and he's working out of a cubical," said Haas. "His life is terrible. His girlfriend is cheating on him with his best friend, his boss yells at him everyday. He has no money. He's got that angst that we all have when we graduate college of what the hell am I going to do with my life. Then the most beautiful in the world shows up behind him in the supermarket and says, 'I knew your father'. He says, 'You must have me confused with someone else. My father left when I was three days old and I don't even know who my father is'. She says, 'Your father died yesterday. He was the greatest assassin of all time. We think it's genetic. We're bringing you in.' That's the premise of the movie."

That opening gives the duo plenty of material to work with, even if they didn't have the rest of the story to adhere to. "Wanted came to us," said Brandt. "We talked to the studio about Wanted only after one version of the comic book came out. The first issue. We loved what we read in the comic book. We had no idea where it was going, but there were some great scenes in there. I don't know whether it's what we brought to it or what was already there, but there's a lot of father/son stuff we wanted too. We had to kind of make Wanted our own. We couldn't wait for new issues to come out. We just had to jump in and go with it."

The film will still be a hard R, like the graphic graphic novel. Haas assured, "From day one we said, because the comic book is hard and in your face and gritty, said we have to keep the sensibility all the way."

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