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Jessica Alba Talks Good Luck Chuck

Published September 20, 2007 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Lionsgate.
Jessica Alba has braved many action-packed roles, flying around on wires and doing martial arts. She remained relatively injury-free, at least nothing permanent. It was her comedy, Good Luck Chuck that left a mark.

Alba Dates Good Luck Chuck

"I did chip my front tooth doing a kiss with Dane," said Alba. "I chipped my top front tooth and he chipped his bottom teeth. We were doing like a comedic Mr. and Mrs. Smith love scene. We were slamming into walls and breaking things and tumbling over couches and stuff. He slammed my head into a picture and while my head was smacking into the wall breaking the picture, his teeth slammed into my teeth. I had a bond on my tooth, but when I take it off, I look like Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber. I look really silly."

A veteran of action movies and some horror, Alba wanted to break into the laugh department. "My experience on the set and what I go through emotionally with every one of those are completely different because you have to go to such a dark place and then you have to stay in such a happy place all the time. It's a dark place for the horror movie, and a happy place for the comedy. Then you have to be in sort of like a very sincere grounded place. In comic book movies, you're really playing a cartoon character and to try and make that real as much as possible is difficult. You have to stay very grounded and truthful. Emotionally you're always going through something completely different. All of us actors, certainly everyone that I know, we all get DVDs, like a group of DVDs as references for what we want to emulate, or performances that inspire us that are in that genre. Like CDs and a bunch of music as well."

For Good Luck Chuck, Alba referenced the classics. "Good Luck Chuck was a lot of Goldie Hawn, Lucille Ball. I think those were my main two. Peter Sellers. The one that I'm doing now, Gilda Radner's big. I'm watching a lot of SNL. I enjoy it because you're kind of going through film school with each film as well, and educating yourself with different things. I did watch a little Roman Holiday and Breakfast at Tiffany's, those fun classics because I wanted to get in touch with the girl as well, that's super in love and has these great dreams and ideas of love and relationships and all that. It's a combination in a romantic comedy and a physical comedy."

Good Luck Chuck Poster Good Luck Chuck

Good Luck Chuck Poster Good Luck Chuck

Most of those references were tame. Good Luck Chuck is rated R. "I think it's funny. I think it makes it feel more real, more authentic. Yeah. I have to say, I'm not a huge fan of all of the romantic comedies that have come out in the past five years because I felt like a lot of them were too soft and didn't seem real. I want the characters to be more sensible. In this movie, yeah, they're crazy but at least they feel kind of real. They are eccentric. They feel like somebody you know. Some of the things that Dan Fogler says are so out of control. I have a friend that talks like that and acts crazy. I wasn't offended at all. I thought it was kind of cool that they went out and the studio allowed us to do that."

For her first comedy in a leading role, Alba enjoyed her newfound antics. "There was this scene where Dane and I kind of have our first night together, hanging out and a bunch of random events happens where he needs to take me to my house so I can get a key. It was sort of the first time that I did a lot of the physical comedy that wasn't written at all in the movie. I could just be free and have fun. Dane and I have a really great chemistry. We were just playing off each other and having a great time. We turned the scene into something better. That was really cool. I think it makes the movie better as well, because you can see the connection that these two people had. You want them to be together."

Good Luck Chuck opens to theatres on September 21st.

For the trailer, stills, other posters and more movie info, go to the Good Luck Chuck Movie Page.

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