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George Miller Head of Justice League America

Published September 20, 2007 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders, Variety.
Justice League Justice League

It has already been stated that Warner Bros. is fasttracking Justice League America but, without a director, it was hard to see the project as taking any major steps.

George Miller to Direct Justice League America

JLA is director-less no more, with George Miller stepping in to helm the bigscreen adaptation of the DC Comic. Why the rush? Like most projects being penned this fall, JLA is racing against the predicted strike, and has therefore become a pre-strike priority for Warner Bros.

Scary? Kinda, considering that a rushed project never sounds good.

The only thing looking to slow production is the complicated task of bringing multiple superheros -- even ones with their own franchises already -- successfully to the bigscreen. I mean, we all saw what happened in X3.

While Justice League has an entire directory of characters to choose from, the likely choices will be Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash (something Ryan Reynolds has been floating around for the past couple years) and Aquaman. Though the Superman Returns sequel has taken a backseat to Justice League -- Warner Bros. is that stoked on the script -- it has been repeatedly suggested that neither Brandon Routh nor Christian Bale will play Superman and Batman, respectively.

The rushed project has received a couple complaints from those including Chris Nolan and Christian Bale, who are both currently working on The Dark Knight. The duo hopes that Warner Bros. delay Justice League America until after the new Batman installment wraps. Why exactly? Hard to say, but having two different Batmans in two different films could spread moviegoer focus.

As of right now, Warner Bros. has admitted to tinkering with some motion-capture and is now looking for a cast.

“They’re working very hard to get it to happen,” said one party close to the project. “But there are so many characters it’s complicated.”

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of respective holders, Variety.

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