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Resident Evil: Extinction Infects Weekend

Published September 23, 2007 in Box Office
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Screen Gems.
Resident Evil: Extinction Poster Resident Evil: Extinction
Having Milla Jovovich in leather, battle chaps had its perks for Resident Evil: Extinction. So much in fact that the film took the box office during its opening bow. Some might say that the film sported a new take on the zombie genre, but I'm sticking to the for-her chaps.

Resident Evil: Extinction Takes the Weekend Box Office

Judging by this month's readership, the film market was not expected to pull so high this weekend. Still strong, however, was the third installment in the Resident Evil franchise with its take of $24 million.

Though this frame was up 25% thanks to another weekend of multiple wide releases, the month has remained as soft as a flaccid Peter North. Good Luck Chuck, a film that featured the talents of both Dane Cook and Jessica Alba, took the second spot with $14 million.

The Brave One, which has had stronger reviews than box office, showed a sign of life by declining only 45% to $7.4 million.

Has anyone heard of Sydney White? Don't feel bad, as either have I! Starring Amanda Bynes, who I admit has some extreme appeal, the film came in at number six with $5.3 million. So, some people had heard of it.

One film I am still rooting for, 3:10 to Yuma, showed massive amounts of strength by only dropping 29% to make $6.3 million over the weekend. Maybe if I pushed my opinion a little hard this week, the film would have only dropped 28.9998%, which is a job well done.

But back to this weekend's winner.

Sony has reason to celebrate, as Resident Evil: Extinction, a film that tested whether moviegoers were burned out on the franchise, earned more than either of the first installments during their opening weekends. Resident Evil opened at $17 million while Resident Evil: Apocalypse made a little more with $23 million.

See what I'm saying? More.

Eastern Promises, which went wide this weekend, came in at number five with $6.5 million.

While The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford features an ensemble cast, the film has convinced Warner Bros. to take a slower route in releasing it.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Screen Gems.

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