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Duchovny Re-Confirms X-Files 2

Published September 27, 2007 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders.
David Duchovny David Duchovny
If you had to choose whether you wanted to be a special agent or a man who gets to have sadistic-like sex with tons of hot women with hot bodies, what would you choose?

That's what I'm saying!

Though Duchovny has been enjoying a great character and plenty of female nudity in Showtime's Californication, the actor still thinks that X-Files 2 is not only likely, but coming quicker than a falling UFO.

X-Files 2 Coming?

In a recent interview with MovieWeb, Duchovny goes on to mention that X-Files 2 has both a ready script and, listen to this, a ready start date
. I don't believe!

David Duchovny: It's at... the script is written and as far as I know we're all trying to shoot in December at some point. We would all love it if we could keep it a secret and just give everybody a fresh experience of not knowing what the movie's about. I know if I was a fan of the show I would kind of be excited to be surprised.

What do you think, is an X-Files 2 likely? Considering that I remember giving X-Files 2 reports since I created this site, I'm going to have to take the mention with a grain of salt and wait for some studio confirmation.

I still don't get why Duchovny would want to leave naked hot chicks, but that's just me.

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Ryan Parsons
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