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The Game Plan Everything You'd Expect

Published September 28, 2007 in Movie Reviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Disney.
The Game Plan Poster The Game Plan
The Game Plan is exactly what you expect it to be. It does the family friendly odd couple heartwarming comedy exactly the way it promises to. It's One Man and a Baby.

Movie Review: The Game Plan

Joe Kingman (The Rock) is a star football player, a single party boy romancing all the ladies, playing with his toys and stealing the show. Then his daughter Peyton shows up and turns his world upside down. She messes up his place, ruins his promo shoots and makes him do ballet, but gosh darn it, he just might learn to grow up by the end.

The Rock can do this. He can talk funny, slurp his spaghetti, be annoyed and flustered. He can transition to sweet and loving and be totally charming the entire time. This is like his comedy audition reel because he does a little bit of everything, should anyone require his services in a real film.

The kid is cute but not too precocious. She's smart and manipulative so she knows her sh*t. Anything adorable she does is not out of not knowing any better. It's calculated.

Kyra Sedgwick plays Joe's agent as the wicked stepmother. She's totally shallow and only cares about money. Because of course this is Disney. There's no place for moneymaking corporate enterprises here.

As discussed, the film hits all the heartwarming beats too. She keeps asking him what the best thing that's ever happened to him is and he never quite gets to answer. Wonder what he'll finally say, right?

They even manage to work the big game in. But if one is allergic to formula movies, then The Game Plan was never for them. It proclaims from the beginning that this is what it's going to be. And they're going to make them anyway so it might as well be The Rock doing his best to keep us entertained.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Disney.

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