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Get Helmets Ready for Jackass Number Three

Published September 28, 2007 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Paramount Pictures, MTV Films.
Jackass: Number Two Poster Jackass: Number Two
I was watching the original Jackass on TV yesterday and came to the conclusion that it absolutely blew donkey balls -- actually, I heard they tried that -- compared to Jackass: Number Two. We have already been told that the Jackass crew plans to make a Jackass 2.5, a direct to video sequel that will feature some new stunts plus footage that got deleted from Number Two. Sounds cool, but I can almost guarantee that this footage is bound to be what was picked up off the cutting room floor.

If you are looking for a more, quality Jackass to the likes of Number Two, have no fear, as it would seem that Jackass Number Three, or whatever the hell they end up calling it, is ready to enter production this January.

Jackass: Number Two Gets a Sequel: Jackass 2.5

The good people at /Film happened to catch Steve-O on the Howard Stern Show and, though I'm sure Steve-O was on a plethora of drugs and probably out of his mind, the 'actor' confirmed that another Jackass was on the way.

“I was told to rest up for Jackass 3 which will start shooting in January,” said Steve-O.

I only have one request: Do what you did in Jackass Number Two. Sure, a little male anus here and there is okay, but try to leave most the homo-eroticism and feces at home.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Paramount Pictures, MTV Films.

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