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Tasha Smith Talks Why Did I Get Married?

Published October 8, 2007 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Lionsgate.
Tasha Smith has all the best lines in Why Did I Get Married. As the assertive, abrasive, sassy loudmouth Angela, she tells everyone how it is. It was easy for Smith to relate to Angela, because she's had her share of relationship frustrations too.

Tasha Smith on Being Married

"I was going through a divorce when I was filming the movie and I had gotten my divorce papers," said Smith. "I think a little bit of my ex-husband and ex-relationships I probably put in there to help me to deal with some of the frustrations that my character had."

That's not to say Smith is bitter. She's looking forward to her next marriage already. "I'll get married so I can have sex," she deadpanned. "I believe in marriage. I think marriage is so beautiful and the film, it inspired me after I left. It inspired me to really just look forward to marriage again. I was inspired after we got done with the film because we're human. And Tyler [Perry] did such a great job just showing the truth about relationships and what we go through. Sometimes we may give up too easy. Sometimes we may not be hopeful enough. We may not be open to the restoration process within relationships. And there are going to be problems. If we expect things to be perfect, we will miss it. But I can't wait to get married again."

Why Did I Get Married Why Did I Get Married

Going through such a difficult time on the set, at least she had friends at work. "I think there was a lot of camaraderie among the cast. We all just hit it off and friendships were built from day one. It’s so sincere. We all genuinely really love each other. We had so much fun. We would always rehearse because we knew Tyler was so busy with our shooting schedule and everything. We always wanted to get on the set and be as prepared as possible so that he wouldn’t have to get us there as far as our work was concerned. We would all come together and work it out. We would talk a lot about our characters and our relationships. The girls would hang out and bond."

Except for one person. Denise Boutte plays Trina, an adulterous who Angela will not tolerate. Smith went method on Boutte, shutting her out from the rest of the girls. "I think she felt like I really had this personal thing against her, but my process with the work, I did not want to have to be concerned about me offending her in the work, so I kind of just kept myself away from her and didn’t make myself that available to her as a friend just so that we could have the dynamic we needed once we worked."

Why Did I Get Married? opens to theaters on October 12th.

For poster and trailer, go to the Why Did I Get Married? Movie Page.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Lionsgate.

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