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Cure Xbox 360's Red Ring of Death

Published October 15, 2007 in Console Games
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders.
Red Ring of Death Red Ring of Death

On days when the film news is slow, I like to reach out and give my fellow man (and woman) a bit of helpful advice. Many of you have come to know the image above, also known as the red ring of death. Don't get me wrong, I love the Xbox 360... Elite... with the HD-DVD attachment, but any console that is guaranteed to break sooner or later can be called 'shit' pretty quickly. I was finishing up my first impressions of Transformers on HD-DVD -- prepping to go whoop ass on Halo 3 -- when it happened to me. After only three months of owning the console, I now understand why so many gamers are grieving; and why Microsoft was forced to expand the Xbox 360 warranty from one to three years.

Fixing the Red Ring of Death

I mentioned how I get visited by Xbox 360's Grim Reaper and fortunately some of my readers wrote in with some tips. I called Xbox 360 support and, to my surprise, discovered that these tips had some validity. What were they? Well, they weren't much, but they do give you a 10-40% chance (or so I'm told) of not having to wait weeks for a new Xbox 360. So, where do we begin?

Maybe I got lucky, but here's what needs to happen in order to fix the Red Ring of Death:

You need to start by getting the red ring of death. If your Xbox 360 isn't flashing red, then there is no point for you to read this article. If you do have an Xbox 360, however, feel free to add this to your favorites, as the Red Ring could be coming sooner than you think.

Here are the two fixes that have been working (for some):

Option 1: Unplug the Xbox 360. Remove the hard drive. Plug in the Xbox 360. Press power button. Worked? Good! Now shut the power off and hook your hard drive back in. Still working? Great, you fixed it!

Didn't work? Ok, one more chance.

Option 2: Unplug the Xbox 360. Remove the hard drive. Remove EVERY cable plugged into your console, including the video, the guitar hero, and anything else that can be disconnected. Plug in the console. Boot it up. Works? Great! Shut the bitch off and hook everything back in, including the hard drive. Power it up again. Still working? Woohoo!

If neither option works, get ready to start packing the console up.

After talking to the tech support at Microsoft, it does seem like one Red Ring of Death is bound to lead to more. They will give you a reference number so, if the red ring does come back, you can immediately get shipping underway.

Well, at least it's a temporary fix.
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Ryan Parsons
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