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Worthington an Un-American G.I. Joe

Published October 31, 2007 in Casting Update
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders.
Sam Worthington Sam Worthington
Only one click out from the G.I. Clooney rumor we have now been alerted to news that Australian Sam Worthington is in talks to star in the adaptation of the once-popular cartoon.

Worthington Training for G.I. Goe?

I can't exactly remember the cartoon -- being born in 1981 meant I caught the late half of it -- but wouldn't having an Australian actor playing one of the G.I.'s be, I don't know, Un-American?

All joking aside, it looks like Paramount has no problem looking overseas to find their cast for G.I. Joe. According to Variety, Stuart Beattie's script has been happily approved by Paramount and they are looking to get production up and running for G.I. Joe by early February.

Paramount, pleased with revisions done by scribe Stuart Beattie, has officially set a Feb. 13 start date for G.I. Joe, an event-sized film that went from a pre-strike question mark to an anchor of the studio's summer 2009 release schedule. Paramount is in talks with up-and-comer Sam Worthington to star, and the studio was down to working out any scheduling overlap with Fox, which has Worthington starring in the James Cameron-directed Avatar.

At Par, G.I. Joe joins the J.J. Abrams-directed Star Trek, the Roger Michell-directed Morning Glory, a redo of Friday the 13th and Shutter Island, a late addition to the slate that has Martin Scorsese set to direct and Leonardo DiCaprio to star.

The report goes on to discuss every major studio's backup plan in case of the WGA strike. It seems that rushing scripts was similar to the story of the ant who collected food before the storm. The studios are all stocked up for winter.

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Ryan Parsons
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