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Patton Oswalt Talks About the Ratatouille DVD

Published November 5, 2007 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Disney/Pixar.
Ratatouille DVD Ratatouille
Like many previous Pixar films, the DVD for Ratatouille features an all new short starring the characters of the film. Patton Oswalt reprises the voice of Remy for Your Friend The Rat, a '50s style pseudo-documentary on the importance of rats in society.

Ratatouille Introduces Your Friend the Rat

"It's just Remy and Emile," said Oswalt. "It's me and Pete Sohn doing Emile. Working with him was great. He was one of the few people I got to actually work with in the studio. I don't even think he's trained as a voiceover guy. He's perfect. We did that after the movie was done, when they figured out what they wanted for the extras so we did that part. It was really fun."

It wasn't hard for Oswalt to get back into character. "It didn't feel like going back. It just felt like, 'Oh good, I get to do more of this.' Because I'm not doing a voice. I'm kind of doing my own voice. It just felt like, 'Oh good, I get to see Brad and everyone I like again. I just get to hang out with these people.' That's about as far as I took it in my thinking."

With the success and critical acclaim of Ratatouille, audiences may expect a sequel. Nobody hopes for that more than Oswalt. "See, I don't know because Pixar is not a sequel oriented company. Of course there could be a sequel if real solid inspiration hits them, but it's not like some place where they're going, 'We're doing a sequel even before this comes out. We have the sequel planned, the contract is signed.' There was no sequel plan for the Toy Story movies. It happens. Look how far apart they came out. They wait for the perfect story to come. So maybe there will be a sequel. It could be years down the road but they're not saying, 'All right, two summers from now there's got to be a sequel.' Of course I would love to do a sequel to this movie but I would love to do it the way Pixar does it which is, 'Oh, we just got the right story' and they'll do it at their own pace."

The success of the film has not made Oswalt a celebrity with the kids yet, though he has had some encounters. "I have a lot of adults bringing their kids up to me but so far kids haven't quite recognized the voice yet because I think again, it's the Pixar animation so trumps the voice. And also, for the whole second act, he's pretty much mute so it's all through gestures and the way he's looking that it's so much more memorable I think."

Ratatouille comes to DVD tomorrow, November 6th.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Disney/Pixar.

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