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Inheritance Trilogy Not a Trilogy

Published December 11, 2007 in Novel News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders.
Dumbledore Dumbledore
It looks like somebody's ears have been burning. I finished the second book in the Inheritance Trilogy, Eldest, last night (for the second time) and it hit me that I have no idea when the third and final book is supposedly due out. I still have a feeling that it will be called 'Empire' and have a green cover, but it seems there is a lot more going on than originally intended.

'Shurt' has alerted us to an update straight from the series' author, Christopher Paolini, as he explains that there is more Inheritance coming.

Inheritance Goes from Three to Four Books

Excited about concluding the Inheritance Trilogy with the third book? Well, think again. Not only do we have to wait until next September for the third book in the series, but Christopher Paolini has popped up over at Amazon claiming that there will now be four books instead of three. Why you ask?

Not that I'm complaining, but Paolini figured three books wouldn't allow him to give every character and plot line its due. Well, he could, but it would force him to shoot past the one-thousand-page mark to fit everything in. And, according to him, new ideas are costing 100 pages each, so the third book is likely to still be long.

Paolini also discusses some details from the third character, including the death of a 'major character'; but he's not saying who. Check it out at Amazon.

Inheritance Book III is expected to hit bookshelves next September.

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Ryan Parsons
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