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I Am Legend a Great Survival Movie

Published December 14, 2007 in Movie Reviews
By Fred Topel | Images property of Warner Bros Pictures.
I Am Legend Poster I Am Legend
I Am Legend is my Christmas present. I love movies where survivors have to find supplies. You give me two hours of Will Smith alone gathering supplies, that's all I could ever hope for. I Am Legend gave me even more. It is the best survival movie ever made.

Review: I Am Legend

Except for a few subtle background jokes, the world of this film is essentially our present, only a deserted present. We get to enjoy the survival game in our world, not some apocalyptic desert. There are a few environmental changes due to time, but it's very relatable.

While the film is not silent, it is visual. We get what he's doing. We don't need him to explain, "This is when I hunt, this is where I set up stuff, this is how I keep track of things." When he discovers treasures like scattered stores of canned delicacy, I'm in heaven.

He talks to his dog, which makes sense because animals do understand communication. He talks to dummies in stores too, but that doesn't ruin it. You have to let Will Smith play. It's way better than Wilson, because this is a guy trying to adapt without society. Wilson was just fear of a silent screen.

Steven Spielberg couldn't make a better monster movie either. The monster scares are classic with build-up, just the right reveal and never seeing the monsters too much. The construction of deadlines and impediments create masterful thrills.

There's a good performance in here too. Will Smith goes just a little bit crazy. Not showing off, just little touches that are believable for a man alone in the world in this incredible situation.

Every opportunity they had to ruin it gets salvaged by great filmmaking. The emotional and expository flashback dream sequences are delivered with appropriate vagary. They don't blow the climax either. They play with everything they had set up from the whole film.

This has really been my year for movies. I've gotten everything I've always wanted, sometimes doubles. The perfect action movie (Shoot 'Em Up), the perfect homages (Hot Fuzz, Grindhouse), perfect blockbusters (Transformers, Live Free or Die Hard), perfect sequels (Yes, Spider-Man 3), perfect musicals (Hairspray, Across the Universe), perfect psychological thriller (Mr. Brooks) and now the perfect survival movie.

I Am Legend is everything you could want a film to be. It's intriguing, visual, suspenseful, provocative, emotional, exciting, relevant and damn good fun. It's brilliant. This is the next level of apocalyptic thriller. 28 Days Later ain't got nothin' on this Legend."

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Fred Topel
Sources: Images property of Warner Bros Pictures.

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