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Fantastic Four vs. Rise of the Silver Surfer
Spider-Man 3 vs. Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End
40 Year-Old Virgin vs Wedding Crashers
Prisoner of Azkaban vs. Goblet of Fire
Gerard Butler vs. Viggo Mortensen
A New Hope vs. Empire Strikes Back


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  The articles written by CanMag.Com that are included in the following list are those that are always worth a read. These articles qualify as they do not offer time sensitive information and will always have something to offer our viewers; be it humor or knowledge.
The articles below are listed in order of popularity [number of views]. Some pages may offer streaming video feeds that are informative or just plain out hilarious.

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Movie/Film Articles


2005 Oscar Predictions

Bubba gives the low down on predicted winners and losers for the 77th Annual Academy Awards.

A First Look at the Animated Films of 2005

Check out the animated films that you should want to see for 2005.

Top 10 Must See Movies for 2005

Some predictions on the most wanted theatre released for 2005.

Why Films of 2005 will Save Hollywood

The second part to the series that compares films of 2004 and films of 2005.

2004 a Bad Year for Movies?

According to Hollywood numbers, there is a lot needing to be improved on in 2005.

Pirates of the…Movie Industry

A sensational article about movie piracy and its exaggerated relationship to the evolving film industry.

Worth a Read


The History of Tragedies at the Disneyland Theme Park

Campus Resource offers a history of deaths/accidents that have occured at Disneyland since its opening.

Learn How to Play Texas Hold'em

Come check out a brief lesson on how to play the poker game Texas Hold'em

Men Finally Have A Clinical Reason to Masturbate

A new study performed in the US, confirms the findings of a previous, smaller, study from Australia stating that ejaculation is healthy for men. Come find out why.

Learn How to Play Craps

A quick introduction to the rules and know-how on playing the most popular, and exciting game in Vegas.

Attention ATI Video Card Users.. We Have Some ATI Fixes to Try on Your Card

ATI powered video cards co-dominate the video card market even though their drivers are not the best. Now we offer some fixes to get your ATI card running perfectly.

Why You Should NOT Use 24/7 Anti-Virus Software Such as Norton

Campus Resource offers reasons and explanations on why it is unnecessary for computer users, especially single users behind a router, to have 24/7 anti-virus software installed on their computer.

ABC Should NOT Apologize for Desperate Promo

Was the Desperate Housewives promo, played during a football game, so bad? If viewers can't handle a woman's back, what is next?

Staircase to Higher PageRank

We offer you the steps required to increase your site's PageRank [page rank by Google] for free. Learn the steps you should take to become a top contender with advertisers and among Google listings.

Funny Articles


Hilarious Images of Drunk Pranks

These were sent to me through email, I had to post them.

Meet Bubb Rubb in the Hilarious News Report from KRON

As KRON 4 reports on the nuisance of Whistle Tips installed on cars, they encounter Bubb Rubb who gives his 'Woo woo' about the matter.

CanMag PHP Tutorials and Lessons

Lesson 1: Variables are Easy

Lesson 2: Variables within HTML
Lesson 3: Using a Form
Lesson 4: Use PHP to Create Custom Form Mail

Here are some Star Wars rants that are on subject with the ideology behind all the Star Wars films.

My Ultimate Star Wars Cloning Theory

Did Anakin Bring Balance to the Force?
Did Anakin know about twins before hand?

More Coming Soon!

Here are some Harry Potter rants that are on subject with the differences between the film and movie. This concept came to me when I realized how many small, but important, details had been left out of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban movie. With the books getting longer and more dense in facts and details, I worry that those who never read the books will never fully appreciate the story.

Some Big Details You Need to Know that Went Amiss in Prisoner of Azkaban

More Coming Soon!


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