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Online Fun

  The listed links are approved by CanMag.Com for their ability to entertain the average web surfer. If you believe you have a link, video, short, clip, or sound bit worth mention, contact us. We appreciate the hard work from all who participated in, or supported, the following links.

Nick & Haig Episodes

Nick and Haig is a Flash Movie that depicts random interview(s) with two pretty normal people named Nick and Haig. The humor to these flash movies is the animations created by Doug Bresler and the random things that seem to come out of both Nick and Haig's mouth.

Nick and Haig
Episode I (2002)

Nick and Haig
Episode II Preview (2003)

Upcoming "Nick and Haig" Project
Sneak Peek!

The statements included in the Doug Bresler flash movies are not necessarily the statements of CanMag.Com. Some of the subject material is for adults only.

Political Parodies by JibJab

These videos should stir up plenty of laughs from all who view them. Get ready to see George W. Bush and John Kerry [among tons of others] sing it out as they battle for your vote on election day.

These flash videos are some of the best political parodies that do not seem to favor either side while they make a joke of the 2004 election.

Want more JibJab? VISIT THE SITE

The Lord of the Rings Super Trailer

Considering that the Lord of the Rings was originally written as one giant book and that each film adaptation plays directly into one another with very little re-introduction to the plot or characters, it seemed only imminent before there were to be a Super Trailer that would act as a trailer for the entire movie.

Movie-List has created and host's such a trailer for the Lord of the Rings. The Super Trailer acts as a trailer for the entire trilogy, including most of the major aspects. It is pretty damn good too.

Click Image to Play

The Beatdown

My friend recently sent this one to me through email and I was roaring. If you do not think the female gender doesn't have what it takes to throw a beatdown on another person, especially a person who may be cracked out, you got another thing coming.

Click below to see what I can only call a lady that has no problem throwing a couple blows for the neighbors enjoyment.

Good Times With UFO's

Lets face the facts, UFO's are a dang interesting topic whether you believe in them or not.

Therefore, this area of the online fun section will contain the coolest stuff that can be found on UFOs; from pictures to images.

UFO in Pre-911, New York WTC [hoax]

One of the coolest videos is the one supposedly taken in New York of a hovering UFO that suddenly bolts from the scene.

The video starts out with the UFO hovering behind one of the WTC's, it then zips out from behind, stalls, and busts into overdrive as it takes off into orbit. One of the best played UFO hoax's out there.
To view the video, CLICK HERE

Star Wars Over Australia: Recorded by NASA

I have seen this video a few times already on History channel and other broadcasts and have to say that it is one of my favorites. Here is a synopsis of what you are about to see [Source: UFO Evidence]

One of the most spectacular video footages of a UFO encounter was taken by cameras on board the Discovery space shuttle on 15 September, 1991. The video sequence was picked up live by a number of amateurs who were directly monitoring the transmissions. The material has been shown in news broadcasts and circulated amongst UFO researchers worldwide.

The video shows several small bright objects manoeuvering on screen, apparently interacting with one another in a complex fashion. Sceptics have usually insisted these are merely shots of some of the many small ice particles which inevitably end up in orbit with every space shuttle.

UFO investigators were quick to dispute this interpretation, and US scientist Richard C. Hoagland soon conclusively demonstrated the objects were actually large-sized and many hundreds of kilometres away from the shuttle.

One UFO in particular appears to rise up from below the Earth's dawn horizon and can be clearly seen emerging from behind the atmosphere and the 'airglow' layers. It is certainly in orbit around the Earth, some distance out in space, and travelling quickly.

A sudden, bright flash of light is then seen to the left of the picture, below the shuttle. The UFO then turns at a sharp angle and heads out into space at very high speed. Two thin beams of light (or possibly condensation trails) move rapidly up from the Earth's surface towards where the UFO would have been if it had continued in its original orbit.

Subsequently, careful analysis of the video shows that:

- The distance from the Discovery to the Earth's horizon is 2,757 kilometres - The UFO's speed before accelerating into space is 87,000 kph (Mach 73)

- Three seconds after the light flash, the UFO changes direction sharply and accelarates off into space at 340,000 kph (Mach 285) within 2.2 seconds

- Such an acceleration would produce 14,000 g of force (1g is normal Earth gravity)

The light flash and light beams (or contrails) that shoot into space have variously been described as a ground-based attempt to disrupt or destroy the UFO. Hoagland interprets the incident captured by the Discovery's videocamera more specifically as a "Star Wars" weapons test against a Star Wars drone (the UFO). Other UFO investigators prefer to describe it as a Star Wars attempt against an extraterrestrial UFO. Whichever version you prefer, the technology implied is most certainly impressive - at least of Star Wars calibre.

More recently, from New Zealand, investigators have reviewed the video and corrected the actual time it was taken. They have found that the UFO incident was recorded over Australia and not the Philippine islands as was originally thought. Discovery's trajectory had already taken it across Surabaya in Java and above the Simpson Desert, Western Australia.

The UFO is first picked up coming over the horizon when the shuttle is close to Lake Carnegie, WA. Later, the light flash and one contrail can be tracked back to Exmouth Bay near the North West Cape military facility. A second contrail can be tracked back to the Pine Gap military facility in central Australia.

US investigators have been asking their Australian counterparts to provide further information which they don't have and which they probably can't get. All the information we have on this incident so far comes from the US or New Zealand. And, of course, there are Australia's stringent secrecy laws to contend with.

The scenario was probably captured on video purely by chance. Along with other UFO incidents recorded on video by NASA, this material has contributed significantly towards NASA's recent decision to discontinue live television transmissions from space.

To view the Star Wars video, CLICK HERE


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