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Nicolas Cage Preps for Season of the Witch (10.36)
Knowing Nicolas Cage (10.26)
Nicolas Cage in Ghost Rider! (9.81)
Cage is Dangerous (9.46)
Nicolas Cage is Crazy (9.37)
Nicolas Cage Vanished (9.34)
Nicolas Cage Joins Hungry Rabbit Jumps (8.96)
Wrestler Cage (8.88)
Grindhouse Getting Caged? (8.82)
Next Photo Album (8.82)
Cage to Trespass on Kidman (8.40)
More Comics for Cage (8.31)
Get Some Lord of War Pics (8.15)
Nicolas Cage Owes Lots of Taxes (7.97)
Ryan Reynolds and Nic Cage Are The Croods (7.71)
More Star Power Added to G-Force (7.34)
Cage and 50 Dance (7.33)
Diaz and Cage Looking to The Green Hornet (7.21)
Poster Asks What's Next (6.98)
Cage TalksGhost Rider (6.93)
Ghost Rider Trailer Online! (6.93)
Who is the Lord of War? (6.89)
Nicolas Cage's Next Badass Trailer! (6.78)
Lord of War Sale (6.75)
Lord of War Dating Tips (6.75)
Next on Blu-Ray (6.72)
Rourke Enters the Ring of The Wrestler (6.65)
Terese Palmer Another Sorcerer's Apprentice (6.60)
Ghost Rider Photos (6.57)
January Jones Joins Hungry Rabbit Jumps (6.57)
Cage, Swinton and Brosnan See a Ghost (6.49)
Bad Lieutenant a Great Crazy Cage Movie (6.43)
New Wicker Man Poster (6.43)
The Lord of Clips (6.38)
Next on DVD (6.32)
Nicolas Cage Working on Becoming Slim (6.08)
Better Bangkok Dangerous Trailer (6.06)
Brighter National Treasure: Book of Secrets Poster (5.93)
Wes Bentley is Blackheart in Ghost Rider (5.89)
Cage and Sutherland Join Astro Boy (5.89)
National Treasure: Poster of Secrets (5.87)
Nicolas Cage to Kick-Ass (5.74)
International Treasure? (5.66)
Ghost Rider Trailer! (5.58)
Fall Box Office Starts with Weak Weekend (5.57)
Nicolas Cage is a Bad Lieutenant (5.55)
Updated Ghost Rider Teaser Poster (5.54)
Nicolas Cage is Bangkok Dangerous (5.53)
Wicker Man Stills (5.51)
Walt Disney Studios Release Extended Clip for National Treasure (5.48)
CanMag Search Engine! (5.46)
First Bangkok Dangerous Clip (5.45)
The Wicker Man Trailer (5.35)
Ghost Rider Pushed (5.32)
Ghost Rider Pushed Again (5.29)
New Bangkok Dangerous Poster (5.27)
Eva Mendes a Bad Lieutenant (5.12)
Movie Trailers, Movie Trailers, Movie Trailers (5.06)
Two More Join Ghost Rider (5.05)
Ghost Rider Updates 9-8 (4.88)
Harris Reteams with Cage for National Treasure 2 (4.84)
National Treasure Sequel Begins Filming January (4.80)
Rose Byrne Knowing Cage (4.77)
Jennifer Carpenter Joins Hungry Rabbit Jumps (4.67)
Former 7th Heaven Actress, Jessica Biel, Nabbed for Her "Next" Role (4.60)
Bad Lieutenant Trailer (4.52)
Cage's Knowing Trailer! (4.44)
Aronofsky Likely to Direct The Wrestler (4.36)
National Treasure: Book of Secrets More Fun than the First (4.31)
Knowing Teaser Poster (4.25)
Greengrass Drops Watchmen for Flight 93 (4.18)
Next Up are Clips (4.05)
Early Reviews for Alexander and National Treasure (4.04)
The Sorcerer's Apprentice is Solid Entertainment (3.96)
Cage Jumps Into World Trade Center (3.88)
I Finally Review National Treasure (3.84)
A Full, and Positive, Review for Oliver Stone's Alexander Online Now (3.80)
Jay Baruchel the Sorcerer's Apprentice (3.67)
International Bangkok Dangerous Poster (3.67)
New Ghost Rider TV Spot (3.61)
Monica Bellucci is Another Sorcerer's Apprentice (3.60)
National Treasure Sequel Coming (3.53)
Ghost Rider the Love Story (3.49)
Eddie Murphy is Johnny Blaze (3.38)
Mendes a Dirty Cleaner (3.37)
Check Out Hit Girl from Kick-Ass (3.36)
Ant Bully Character Posters (3.29)
Columbia Prepping Ghost Rider Sequel (3.28)
Ghost Rider Tone (3.28)
The Ghost Rider Bike! (3.26)
Monsters vs. Aliens Dominates Box Office (3.25)
The Sorcerer's Apprentice Coming Summer 2010 (3.25)
27th Annual Razzie Nominees! (3.24)
Who is Your Favorite Actor or Actress? (3.24)
It's Ghost Rider! (3.23)
Official Kick-Ass Teaser Trailer! (3.21)
Ghost Rider Effects (3.15)
First Set Report on Kick-Ass! (3.13)
International The Sorcerer's Apprentice Trailer! (3.13)
Lionsgate Will Kick-Ass (3.08)
Go Behind The Sorcerer's Apprentice (3.02)


Bad Lieutenant a Great Crazy Cage Movie
Next on DVD
National Treasure: Book of Secrets More Fun than the First
The Sorcerer's Apprentice is Solid Entertainment
I Finally Review National Treasure
The Switch is Sincere


The Wicker Man
Lord of War
Ghost Rider
World Trade Center
The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Bangkok Dangerous
National Treasure: Book of Secrets
Astro Boy
The Weather Man
Season of the Witch
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans


Nicolas Cage
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