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February 28, 2006

Superman Returns Video Game Footage
Where the journals have been lacking this footage steps in.

February 27, 2006

So Much Ultraviolet
Release closes in with new clips and slideshows.

February 24, 2006

Natalie Portman Gets a Buzz Cut
I said only a little off the top! (V for Vendetta clip).

February 23, 2006

Failure to Launch Clips
Humorous clips that show off a recurring joke.

February 17, 2006

300- How To Train a Spartan
Journal #3 goes online and we see how the troops got so big.
2nd Clip for Ultraviolet
Another shot of Jovovich kicking ass appears online.

February 16, 2006

Cracking the Da Vinci Code
Second clip for the film appears online.

February 15, 2006

Jovovich Kicking Ass
Sweet sword clip from Ultraviolet.

February 14, 2006

Opening Minutes of Night Watch
Watch the first four minutes of Night Watch and then some.

February 13, 2006

X-Men Blooper
Just a little something to kick off the week with.

February 10, 2006

Final Destination 3 Clip
New clip for the film's release to theatres.
Curious George Clip
A quick clip for the film's release to theatres.

February 9, 2006

Alpha Dog Clips
A nice set of clips that feature quite a bit of smacking.

February 8, 2006

First Da Vinci Code Excerpt
First featurette with Ron Howard appears online.
Go Behind the Scenes of Doogal
The Weinstein co serves up a featurette for the upcoming animation.
Running Scared Clips
This Paul Walker film is looking more and more cool by the day.

February 7, 2006

Funny Movie Clips
If you have a huge sense of humor, watch these clips for Date Movie.

February 6, 2006

Sharon Stone Getting Dirty
X-Rated Promo reel for Basic Instinct 2.

February 2, 2006

What to do When A Stranger Calls
Let the message machine pick it up idiot.
Sundance Unscripted
Timberlake, Hirsch, Beastie Boys and more talk about their 'indie' films.

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