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February 28, 2007

New Star Wars Box Set on Hold?
New box set, Han shoots when, what?
Zack Snyder Sits in Front of a Blue Screen and Talks 300!
Director talks about the film's simple process.
Grindhouse Movies Invade New Beverly Cinema
Action has Quentin stamped all over it.
Shrek Scribe Orbits Planet One
New CG animation with $50 million budget.
Spider-Man 3 Preview Next Heroes!
As announced during the last fantastic episode.

February 27, 2007

Brendan Fraser on Inkheart
Author Cornelia Funke actually wrote the novel with Fraser in mind.
Star Trek XI Christmas 2008!
Just in case you were skeptical... which is understandable.
Star Trek XI Casting Update
Not one but three names speculated for three important roles.
You Have a Friend Request from a Turtle
Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michaelangelo on MySpace.

February 26, 2007

Janet Jackson Can Act?
If Jennifer Hudson can win an Oscar, why can't she?
79th Annual Academy Awards Fashion Review
Color, color, color - anything but black.
Production Begins on Sweeney Todd
Cameras roll in London.
Avatar Has a Release Date
Filming begins this April for a theatrical release on...
Ghost Ridin' the Whip
The rider takes the box office title for second weekend.

February 25, 2007

79th Annual Oscar Winners
A list just in case you missed it.
Abrams to Captain the Old But New Star Trek XI!
This time it is confirmed... seriously.
Margaret Kerry on Being Peter Pan's Tinkerbell
In anticipation of the film's upcoming limited DVD release.

February 23, 2007

Itís Just a Trilogy, Focker!
Third Meet the Parents installment coming...
Justice League to Rescue Warner Bros
Not that the studio needs saving.

February 22, 2007

Earth Will Stand Still Another Day
Fox confirms a remake is coming 2008.
Ioan Gruffudd Sings Amazing Grace
Actor talks about upcoming drama.
Ferrets of Inkheart
Sally Jo Sousa talks about the creatures during recent set visit.
Spoilerific Pirates 3 Plot Details!
Unnamed person claims film is going to be huge with a capital 'H'.

February 21, 2007

Phoenix Pictures' Already Dead
Could vampire flicks be the next big thing?
UA's Lions Has a Release Date
Will make it to theatres before 2007 closes out.
Reeves Shift as Night Watchmen (Finally) About to Begin
The cop flick will be co-financed.

February 20, 2007

Uncle Vernon's 'Fleeting' Appearance in Order of the Phoenix
At least the character made the cut this time.
Deputy Raineesha Williams on Reno 911!: Miami
Beach duty made normal arrests for her nearly impossible.
Helen Mirren on Inkheart
Fresh of her Oscar nom, Mirren is hard at work on set of the fantasy.
Howard and Grazer to Rebuild Cache
Because every film sooner or later needs an English version.
UK Feeling Hot and Fuzzy
Opening weekend almost as big as Dead's entire theatrical run.
Saw IV Production Date Set
In order to get the film out by October.

February 19, 2007

Ghost Rider Biggest Presidents Day Release Ever
The comic book genre proves its worth.
Humorous Ways Potter Can Die in Deathly Hallows
A magical list for this Monday holiday.
Travis Junior One of Reno 911!: Miami's Finest
He says he was tricked into appearing in Reno 911 in the first place.
Tyler Perry Talks Jazzman's Blues
Next movie on his to-do list.

February 18, 2007

New 300 Clips
Clip and cast interview.
Agent Eric O'Neill on Breach
Because most secret agents don't get movies made about them.

February 17, 2007

Set Visit: Inkheart!
The film sounds like the Last Action Hero of the book world.

February 16, 2007

Grindhouse a Top Ten!
Thanks to the recent trailer, the film steps up to #10.
Ghost Rider Worst Comic Movie Ever?
Critics across the net report in and 'laughable' is the word of the day.
Did Somebody Say, Jihad?
Bruckheimer and Disney are teaming for terrorist movie.

February 15, 2007

2007 Film Independent's Spirt Awards this February 24th
Watch IFC to cheer for Half Nelson, Pan's Labyrinth and more.
300's Standing 'O' in Berlin
Couple pictures from the film's premiere.

February 14, 2007

Win Black Snake Moan's 7-Inch Vinyl!
In anticipation of the film's March release.
See 300 at WonderCon!
First day of the event.
20 Minutes of Transformers Screened!
Details from the early preview now online!

February 13, 2007

iTunes Downloads Lionsgate
Terminator 2 and 150 other titles available for download.

February 12, 2007

AnnaSophia Robb Takes the Bridge to Terabithia
Her character welcomes you into her world and she's just cool.
Lucas Strikes Back?
The best Star Wars film is the worst?

February 11, 2007

Grindhouse Getting Caged?
Ghost Rider himself will make a er, fake appearance.
Pirates 4 Screenplay Likely
Or so thinks Terry Rossio.
Developments for Half-Blood Prince Already Underway
Hogwarts has new additions for Order and Prince.

February 10, 2007

What's Up With Star Wars 3D?
The project has been postponed, but not necessarily canceled.
Reynolds Also Feeling Flashy
He's not on the project, but he's on the project. Capiche?

February 9, 2007

Correction: Ghost Rider Burns CanMag!
It turns out that there were press screenings after all.
Somebody Has Eye Sex with 300!
Another humorously positive review appears online.
Metal Gear Solid Sneaks Carefully Onto the Bigscreen
Sony to adapt the game franchise.
Rock and Spade to Team for Untitled Comedy
Spade will also write the script.
Scorsese to Visit Young Victoria
He and Graham King will produce.
What Just Happened? Anyone Else in This Movie?
A cast-packed film that takes a look at Hollwood.
Toy Story Sequel Lasseterless
Film will arrive to theatres in 2009.

February 8, 2007

Scribe Mark Fergus Talks Iron Man
While talking about First Snow, scribe drops a couple hints on the film.
Murdoch Announces Another Borat!
This Kazakh journalist will have a sequel.
Ghost Rider Burns Critics
Don't expect any reviews until the opening weekend.

February 7, 2007

Warner Bros Looking for More Spies Like Us
Sequel gets life thanks to Euro Trip trio.
23 Examples of the 23 Enigma
In preparation of the release of Carrey's thriller.
Wahlberg Talks More Departeds
Big names could be joining the cast.
Kate Bosworth Plays Blackjack in the After.Life
Actress prepping for three, count 'em, three new projects.
Columbia Agrees with Sandler: You Don't Mess with the Zohan
Project comes with Sandler, Smigel and Apatow.
TMNT's Censored Violence
They may be animated, but they still kick a whole bunch of ass.
Mendes Goes Live! with Fortissimo
Studio picks up world rights save North America.

February 6, 2007

Until Kingdom Come?
Film gets a big push back, though response has been positive.
Ghosts Have a Second and Third Pulse
Just when you thought they were dead, this happens.
Own Your Own Zombie
Studio seeks investors for adaptation of Autumn.
Stone Revisits Alexander
Director's extended vision of the film coming to DVD.
Gaspard Ulliel on Hannibal Rising
Meet the younger version of Sir Anthony Hopkins.
Indiana Jones IV Coming Memorial Day, 2008!
But Ford still wants his whip!

February 5, 2007

Sutherland will star in supernatural thriller, Mirrors.
Ghost Rider Screened!
Did Mark Steven Johnson hit one out of the park?
Director Peter Webber on Hannibal Rising
First Lecter film with an arthouse guy.
Ruth Myers Talks The Golden Compass Costumes
The last set report from our recent visit.

February 4, 2007

Shawn Levy Feeling Flashy
Museum director steps on to Warner Bros. big-screen adaptation.
No More Wonder for Whedon
Director couldn't agree on film's vision.

February 2, 2007

Edmund a Problem for Prince Caspian
Walden associate producer Bob Beltz discusses the film's upcoming production.
Paltrow Talks Iron Man
And how the film pulled her out of a self-induced hiatus.
Set Visit: Gibbs is Prop Master on The Golden Compass
Responsible for constructing the fantastical objects used by characters.
Corddry Turns Semi-Pro
In final negotiations to join the Will Ferrell sport comedy.

February 1, 2007

Emily Blunt the New Dark Knight Rumor
Will she be the next Rachel Dawes?
Zack Ward Transformers' Pvt. Hudson
His character will be similar to Paxton's from Aliens.
Wallace and Gromit Sequel in the Works
Even with Aardman's split from DreamWorks Animation.
Deborah Forte on The Golden Compass
Producer invited the press to preview the work so far.
Why a TMNT Remake?
Thom Gray attempts to answer that question.
Michael Lehmann Talks Hudson Hawk
You know, the pet project of Bruce Willis about a musical cat burglar.

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