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October 31, 2007

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Wraps!
New production diary offers terrific nostalgia.
Cloverfield Trailer Details
You won't believe what the film is titled.
Fox Confirms X-Files 2!
Will hit theaters next summer!
The Fred Claus Widget
Are you a super sibling or a sorry sibling?
1-18-08 Revealed this November!
Film's official title and trailer coming with Beowulf.

October 30, 2007

Snyder Sees Green for Tales of the Black Freighter
A mini-film that will be attached to Watchmen.
Spider-Man 4 Webs a Writer
Zodiac's Vanderbilt jumps aboard just in time for the writers' strike.
Clooney is G.I. Joe?
He's top choice to pay the "real American hero."
Halo Movie Still Breathing
So much money to be made, Microsoft is working on new funding sources.
Bond 22 Script Done
Other tentpoles are approaching the deadline.

October 29, 2007

David Dobkin Takes on The Flash
So it's going to be super funny?
MGM Not Worried About WGA Strike
Progress is already being made.
Daniel Craig Signed to Four More Bonds
MGM figures franchises are the "base of any studio."

October 28, 2007

Guillermo del Toro Thinking Potter?
He had us at Azkaban.

October 26, 2007

The American Gangster Widget
It's cool... if you are into this sort of thing.
Underworld Prequel a Go
Already titled Rise of the Lycans.

October 25, 2007

Columbia Moves Quick for Angels & Demons
Fast-tracked project has so far remained under the radar.
Avatar and Bones Production Schedules
Both expected to be completed in under two months (from start).
Join the Elf Secret Service
Online game for Fred Claus.
Mad Max 4 Back On
Production quarters in Sydney re-opened this week.

October 24, 2007

Wolverine Updates
Fox is rushing and a young Wolvie might have been found.
Bay Talks More Transformers 2 Specifics
He doesn't look to 'up' it, but instead keep the heart.

October 23, 2007

Some Dark Knight Tidbits
A few more details surface online.

October 22, 2007

Scorsese and DiCaprio Team for Shutter Island
Duo will reteam for the adaptation of the Dennis Lehane novel.
Cassavetes to Direct Captain America?
He was originally attached to Iron Man.
Clooney Can't Play White Jazz
Exited the project after multiple scheduling conflicts.
Superman Loses Scribes
Both Dougherty and Harris will not be returning.

October 20, 2007

More on the Justice League Casting
New details emerge on which part(s) everybody was trying out for.

October 18, 2007

Woody's Untitled Now Vicky Cristina Barcelona
A 'love letter' starring Johansson, Cruz and Bardem.
Rambo is Rambo. Period.
Film's official title comes down to one word.
Top Ten Films Updated for Winter 2007!
Beowulf and Charlie Wilson join the list.
More Bourne In Damon?
He passed on any involvement with Bond.
Aronofsky Likely to Direct The Wrestler
Film starring Nicolas Cage.
Wolverine Release Date Announced!
Hits theaters in May... Of 2009.
Favreau Gets Advanced with Iron Man
Everything you want to know about the film's production.
Entire Justice League Script Read?
Film plays like a Saturday morning cartoon?

October 17, 2007

Karl Urban Has Bones
Latest rumors claim he was offered the role in Star Trek.

October 16, 2007

Apatow Given the Option: Funny or Die
Not that the comedy site needs more talent.
Raimi Talks Hobbit and Spider-Man 4
Both projects he's laying off to other talent. Well, kinda...

October 15, 2007

National Treasure Hosts The World's Biggest Treasure Hunt
Online game that should (hopefully) win you something.
Win Prizes for Gone Baby Gone
Poster and novels in anticipation of the film's release.
The Young and the Justice League
Marathon casting session taking place. Guess who showed up.

October 13, 2007

PA Mom Animated into The Simpsons
Grand prize winner of the 7-Eleven contest for the film.

October 12, 2007

I Am Legend Survival in Second Life
Multiplayer FPS/RPG game.
The Hot Girls of Planet Terror
In anticipation of the DVD release.
John Rambo Goes to Hell and Back
Lionsgate has released an official title.
Snyder Snaps Last Photograph
A film based on his own idea.

October 11, 2007

Warner Reads An Arsonist's Guide
Studio has optioned the book for adaptation.

October 10, 2007

Warner Bros Reboots Terminator
Studio acquired distribution rights.
Fox Fears Hitman's Guns
Studio yanks control from Gens to create a less-gory, PG-13 version.
Lucas Makes Big Claims on Indiana Jones 4
Says it will be as good as the original.

October 9, 2007

Jerry O'Flaherty to Direct Thundercats
Warner Bros. making ground on the live-action adaptation.
Orci Discusses the New Star Trek XI
Second script much better, with a better villain.
Weitz Alters the Ending of Golden Compass
He made the announcement today. What's different?
McKellen and McShane Confirmed for Golden Compass
They will voice some important, armored bears.
Pixar Prepping a Trip to Mars
Pre-production on its way, but we still have got some time.

October 8, 2007

EverQuest Movie Coming!
Michael Gordon will pen the adaptation.
Elizabeth: The Golden Age Contest
Poster, hat, shirts and more.
Lars and the Real Contest
Get your hands on the film's one-sheet.

October 5, 2007

Golden Compass Cameos
Expect to see or hear some LOTRers.
More from the Justice League Script
A brief rundown on each character and some plot specifics.
Halo Game Strong, Halo Movie Dead
Blomkamp admits what we all had feared.

October 4, 2007

Closer to Hobbiton
EW reports on stuff most already know.
Clooney's Motorcycle Injuries Push Leatherheads
He has to first honor previous commitments.
Transformers 2 Writers Found
No real surprises here, save one.
Serenity 2: A New Hope
Don't get your hopes up. Okay, okay, get 'em up.

October 3, 2007

Rodriguez Feeling Fragile
No, not that Rodriguez.
Universal Picks Up The Night Tourist
Based on the children's tome just published.
Raiders Break Into the Kingdom and Steal the Crystal Skull
All has been recovered, but close call.
Hardwicke to Direct Meyer's Twilight
Adaptation of the young adult fantasy series.

October 2, 2007

Dragon Ball Movie Coming
A live action version of the popular anime.
The Incredible Hulk Plot Details
Edward Norton definitely gets it.
JLA Likely Delayed
This is a win-lose, really.

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