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June 30, 2005

First The Island Clip
Check out the first clip from this Michael Bay thriller.
Tons of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Clips
Check out a bunch of clips from Wonka's factory.
New Fantastic Four Clip
Check out the latest clip featuring a look at all of the Fantastic Four.

June 29, 2005

3rd Fantastic Four Clip
Finally a FF clip that looks good.

June 28, 2005

New Wedding Crashers Clips
Waste some time and watch a few new clips from the Wilson / Vaughn comedy.
New Fantastic Four Clip
Not as long as the first, but features Chris Evans on fire.

June 27, 2005

Extended Fantastic Four Clip!
Check out a two-minute clip from FF.

June 23, 2005

Fantastic Four Music Video!
Check out the video 'Everything Burns' for Fantastic Four.
New Superman Returns Production Diary
Check out the latest video diary titled 'Untitled.'

June 22, 2005

War of the Worlds B-Roll
Watch six minutes of film shots from on the set of War of the Worlds.

June 17, 2005

New Superman Returns Video Diary
Come check out Santa's Grotto.

June 16, 2005

Holy Movie Clips Batman!
A ton of movie clips for Batman Begins storm online.

June 14, 2005

New Batman Begins Clips!
Check out four new movie clips for the upcoming comic book / graphic novel adaptation.
Mr and Mrs Smith Clips
Check out a bunch of clips for this entertaining Pitt / Jolie film.
Bewitched Clips!
Check out six new clips for the upcoming romantic comedy.

June 13, 2005

Another War of the Worlds Featurette
Check out 'Spielberg's Alien Trilogy'

June 12, 2005

More War of the Worlds Video Featurettes
Watch a couple more special video clips for the Cruise / Spielberg blockbuster romp.

June 11, 2005

War of the Worlds Video Feature- 'Storyline'
Watch the first special video feature in a series for War of the Worlds.

June 9, 2005

New Batman Begins Clip
An exclusive clip from Myspace... what the?
Cruise Talks War of the Worlds on Leno.
Cruise, who has been a little nutty lately, was slightly more mellow on Leno with WOW clip.
New Superman Returns Production Diary
Speeding Bulletin #15 has arrived.

June 8, 2005

New King Kong Production Diary
Jackson answers questions in '28 Weeks to Go'.

June 6, 2005

New Batman Begins Clip!
Bruce has a discussion with the big bad man...

June 2, 2005

Batman Begins Clip on Extra!
Check out a few bonus scenes of the dark knight.
New Superman Returns Video Diary 14
'Wind up and the Pitch'

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