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March 30, 2007

We Sit Passenger with Quentin Tarantino in Death Proof
To discuss his half of Grindhouse.

March 29, 2007

Rose McGowen Talks Planet Terror
She is game for just about anything.
Will Arnett on Blades of Glory
He will play Stranz, brother to real life wife Amy Poehler.

March 27, 2007

Rodriguez Takes Us to Planet Terror!
He's back to old school low budget filmmaking.
Fischer Gives Boobs for Blades of Glory
She will play the target of Heder's affection.

March 26, 2007

Amy Poehler on Blades of Glory
She will play a nutty rival in the film.
Danny Glover On Shooter
Not the first time he's played a villain.

March 25, 2007

Antoine Fuqua Spots for Shooter
Film has an Anna Nicole Smith reference.
Kevin Philliips on Pride
He's "that guy" in the film.
The Last Mimzy Kids
Chris O'Neil and Rhiannon Leigh Wryn discuss their fantastical experience.

March 22, 2007

Mark Wahlberg Talks Shooter
Actor's stoked to be kicking ass again.
Terrence Howard on Pride
We all know Howard is an intense actor.
Timothy Hutton on The Last Mimzy
Hutton could relate, having once played teen roles.

March 21, 2007

The Ladies of Reign Over Me
Liv Tyler and Pinkett Smith discuss their own journey in the film.
Rainn Wilson Teaches Us About The Last Mimzy
His character helps the kids make sense of things.

March 20, 2007

Don Cheadle on Reign Over Me
Cheadle helps Sandler's character come back to life.
Evan Ross on Pride
Ross dons the speedos.
Joely Richardson Plays Mom in The Last Mimzy
Mother figure to new child actors can be a delicate balance.

March 19, 2007

Adam Sandler Talks Reign Over Me
Another serious film for the usually-comic actor.
Bernie Mac Has Pride
Audiences may be surprised to see Mac in a dramatic role.

March 14, 2007

Michael Pena Another Shooter
Mark Wahlberg isn't the only one who's trained to snipe.
Julian McMahon on Premonition
His main concern is his death middle of the week.

March 13, 2007

Sandra Bullock Has a Premonition
For the actress, continuity was the least of her concerns.

March 12, 2007

Rodrigo Santoro on 300
Actor becomes a seven foot tall king, thanks to CGI.

March 7, 2007

Gerard Butler on 300
As Leonidas, he had to find a happy medium between history and mythology.

March 6, 2007

Kal Penn Finds His Namesake
Film allows actor to show his serious side.

March 5, 2007

Wiliam H. Macy Has Experience With Wild Hogs
Even The Cooler knows his way around a Harley.

March 3, 2007

Craig Brewer Talks Black Snake Moan
Following up a breakthrough film is always hard.

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