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December 22, 2004

I Laughed at Meet the Fockers
...if you enjoyed Meet the Parents, you will also enjoy Meet the Fockers... go see this film, and be ready to giggle in your seat..

December 14, 2004

Finally, a Review of Ocean's Twelve
...I really don't know what to say about this film. Ocean's Eleven found something cool and rode on it. Ocean's Twelve, on the other hand, knew it was cool and tried to force it. In an over-the-top attempt to out due its predecessor, the movie leaves you completely in the dark for most of the film. The end result is not a surprise ending necessarily, but a strange one...

December 9, 2004

Blade: Trinity Owes Many Thanks to Ryan Reynolds
...For some reason I am wishing that Guillermo del Toro stayed on to be director of this film, as I heavily enjoyed Blade II and felt that with the added talent, Blade: Trinity could have been great. While the film is good, it is only so thanks to the addition of Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel. A film with Dracula and Blade shouldn't miss, somehow this film did, even if only slightly...

December 6, 2004

Review of House of Flying Daggers
...If you ever wondered what would happen if the films Hero and Romeo & Juliet were to have a baby, out would come House of Flying Daggers... The adventure between the two allows us to see some of the coolest martial arts to hit the big screen and entertain us with bamboo, swords, arrows, and last, but not least... flying daggers...

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